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Best High Fiber Foods To Lose Weight

Weight loss need not be attained through a single strategy. You can lose weight by counting calories, taking low carb foods, following portion control and eating fiber rich foods. However, all these may not work for all and many of these are left back as they could not be sustained. No matter whichever way you choose to cut calories from your daily diet, one thing that can greatly help you to lose weight is fiber. Even popular meal delivery programs like Nutrisystem, Medifast, etc recommend and deliver fiber rich foods that help their dieters to lose weight in a healthy manner. In fact, Nutrisytem provides a diabetic plan for people with type 2 diabetes. The foods offered under this plan are low glycemic and fiber rich foods which slowly get absorbed in to the blood stream thus regulating the blood sugar levels. The two popular diets are compared here for you to arrive at a suitable diet program.

Fiber is a plant component and a form of carbohydrate that digest slowly when you consume. Fiber gets slowly absorbed into the blood stream thus making you feel full for a longer time. The bacteria found in our guts feed on fiber and the fiber enables easy movement of foods in the intestinal tract. Consumption of fiber helps in improving cardiovascular health and also helps in maintaining healthy sugar levels. According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, women aging between 19 and 50 should consume 25 to 28 grams of fiber daily and men aging between 19 and 50 should consume 30 to 34 grams each day.

The following are the high fiber foods that help you lose weight:

Chia seeds: It contains a lot of amino acids that helps you in building muscle. It also contains essential minerals like calcium, phosphorous and potassium. It can be added to smoothies, salads, oatmeal and can also be made into a pudding.

French beans: They are smaller in size and thinner than the ordinary beans. You can steam them and have with lemon zest seasoning by adding sea salt.

Raspberries: These are juicy and sweet fruits that help you get fiber for the day. The tiny seeds might get stuck in your teeth and irritate you but good amount of fiber comes from them.

Lentils: These are loaded with fiber and are easy to cook as well. They can be added to salads and soups. Half a cup of lentils provides 9 grams of protein in addition to fiber.

The other best sources of fiber include flax seeds, chickpeas, artichokes, bulgur, avocados, pears, etc.…


Who does not want to get fit and look and feel healthy? But we all know that it is easier said than done. Many fad diets come and go, but none of them are easy, nor permanent. There are also many pills on the market that make some huge claims, most of them are lies.

This is where Phen375 Health comes into the picture. A pill that makes no false promises nor does it claim to be a magic pill. Many would debate that it is a pill for weight loss and may be fake, but the numerous reviews are proof enough of its authenticity. I found out about Phen375 from here and have some great reviews about it myself.

If you are looking out for a magic pill that will help you lose weight or appear slim overnight then this is not for you. This pill makes no such claims, but in fact is for those who need assistance with their lifestyle modification. It does not make any promises of making overnight changes in the body, and so it already wins hearts. Here is how the pill helps get a better body:

Appetite Suppressant: One of the biggest challenges while dieting is to suppress those hunger pangs and getting up on a half-empty stomach. But with this pill, your appetite itself is suppressed, and so you feel full with smaller portions of food. This also keeps you from craving unhealthy foods. In this way, the battle is half won.

Thermogenic effect: This is yet another amazing thing the pill does. It raises the temperature of the body, which naturally increases the metabolism of the body. With an increased metabolism, the body tends to burn far more calories without really doing much.

A burst of energy: Unlike fad diets that make you feel drained and weak, Phen375 does the opposite. It gives your body that much required a boost of energy that stimulates the body for a workout or performing any other task required.…

How to Rehabilitate Knee Injury?

Knee injuries are a common problem that people of all age groups face. Recovering from a knee injury depends on the severity of the injury. While some can be recovered with the help of exercises, others may require surgery followed by exercises as a part of the rehabilitation process.

Why knee injuries require rehabilitation exercises?

  1. To prevent muscle weakening around the knee
  2. To reduce the burden on the knee joint

Types of rehabilitation exercises

  1. Stretching Exercises – Any rehabilitation program should start with simple warming up or stretching exercises to loosen the muscles and prevent the risk of an injury.
  2. Knee Muscles Exercises – Practice some exercises that will strengthen the muscles around the knee such as quadriceps, hamstring and calf muscles.
  3. Muscle Endurance Exercises – Simply doing a set of exercises will not suffice. You must ensure that you are strengthening your muscles else, they will be prone to fatigue quickly. Muscle endurance can be improved by practicing some of low-impact cardiovascular activities such as cycling in a gym, or some medium-impact exercises such as walking or even high-impact exercises such as swimming or bicycling.
  4. Strengthening Exercises – These include straight leg raises, prone straight leg raises, side leg raises, hamstring curls, wall squats, calf raises and step-ups.

What you must not do?

Exercise should help not worsen the situation. Hence, remember never to push yourself and consult a doctor if you are in pain after a workout.

In order to relieve knee pain, knee brace for sports enthusiasts are available. With so many verities in the market, make sure you seek professional help before making a purchase. Recovery phase post a knee injury is very crucial. If you do not heal then, you cannot function properly. Thus, it is very important to consult with a specialised trainer, coach or therapist to ensure you are doing things the right way.…

Possessing a branded watch is every man’s dream

A watch is not only a necessity but also a style statement these days. It reflects a person’s style, personality, character and good taste. Picking the best accessories is like picking the best grapes for wine. The better the accessories better is the outcome. Having good aesthetic sense will help in understanding more about luxury watches. A watch should be praised not only for its looks but its functionality too.

Let us look as some of the latest branded watches for men.

  1. Tag Heuer Kirium F1 – This company offers watches than one can wear to a party as well as sailing or racing. This silver strapped watch with a black dial has a backlit that makes it easy to read the time in the dark. It has a strong protective glass covering.
  2. Girard – Perregaux Vinatge 1945 – This brand is one of the luxurious watch companies in the world. It is a classic vintage analogue timepiece with a square frame and leather strap in the basic brown or black colour.. The dial comes in black, white or sliver. One is given a choice of calendar date or moon phase as per taste.
  3. Rolex Yacht Master – Rolex is no doubt considered the best brand for luxury men’s watches. I t was originally an American company importing its components from Switzerland. But to clear the high taxes shifted to Switzerland and came to be known as the Swiss brand in watches. This little beauty has a stainless steel casing with gold as the usual Rolex watches. It has blue on the arms and the hour markers are made of 18k gold.



The men’s watches have a lot of functions incorporated in one little device. Some prefer a simple analogue watch while others prefer complicate looking high end digital cum analogue watches. The luxury brands bring everything on a platter that makes it difficult to choose.…

The pathophysiology of Gastrointestinal bleeding from the stomach

Gastrointestinal bleeding (GI bleed) or gastrointestinal hemorrhage, is a term collectively given to bleeding from the mouth to the rectum of the gastrointestinal tract. When the bleeding persists, various other symptoms may occur such as melena (black, tarry stools), coffee ground vomitus, hematemesis (vomiting bright red blood), chest pain, abdominal pain etc.

GI bleeding can be upper gastrointestinal bleeding (upper esophagus, stomach, and duodenum) or lower gastrointestinal bleeding (colon and rectum). Peptic or stomach ulcers are among the causes of gastrointenstinal bleeding most commonly found in the patients with upper GI bleeding.

Outlining pathophysiology of bleeding due to peptic ulcer

GI bleeding is a signal of having a digestive disorder and peptic ulcers have various etiologies leading to the development of sores in the mucosal lining of the stomach. The common symptoms of a stomach ulcer include upper abdominal pain, vomiting, poor appetite etc. In almost 15% of the patients with gastric ulcer, GI bleed is found to occur. When the pH of the stomach becomes too acidic by the oversecretion of gastric acids such as HCl and pepsin, the mucosal lining forming protective barrier is degraded which increases causing erosion and subsequently ulcers.

The main causes of peptic ulcer are:

  • Helicobacter pylori (H. Pylori) infection:  pH-sensitive bacteria that penetrate the mucosal layer and colonize, causing stomach infection and inflammation.
  • Use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) aspirin, ibuprofen, etc causes topical irritation of epithelial cells of the lining initially and inhibits COX-2 (Cyclooxygenase) enzyme-induced production of protective prostaglandins.
  • Smoking and alcohol
  • Radiation therapy
  • Stomach cancer

Diagnosis starts with taking a medical history, validating symptoms, examination and blood tests like a fecal occult blood test to confirm the bleeding. An immediate upper endoscopy helps in locating the area of bleeding and further treatment of the ulcers. Hospitalization and blood transfusion may be needed in very severe cases when antibiotics, acid blockers, etc do not work effectively.


The Major Danger Signs of Alcohol Abuse

Drinking Issues is majorly classified into Problem Drinking and Alcohol Dependence. Problem Drinkers are not fully addicted to alcohol but gradually their drinking habit hinder their everyday lives and over a period of time, they become Alcohol Dependents. Hence, problem drinkers or their loved ones should be able to identify the important alcohol abuse danger signs and prevent from the increased risk of becoming Alcohol Dependents by taking up a Detox Program. Here are some important signs one should look out for.

  1. Hiding and Lying About Drinking – People who have drinking problems often deny about their habit. This is the most common thing found both in problem drinkers and in alcoholics. They either secretively drink or lie about the amount they drink so that it does not become an issue. This is the most important and common problem.
  2. Drinking to Feel Relaxed – Most of the people with a drinking problem do so to ease out stress, depression, anxiety and other emotion-related problems. This is a risky thing to do and is not going to be a permanent solution. Alcohol cannot be used as an emotional let out.
  3. Losing Memory – If drinking goes off-limit, it might lead to memory loss about what happened. It is not fun to black out.
  4. Loss of Control – If one loses control over the amount they drink, it certainly is a danger sign.
  5. Drinking in inappropriate situations – If a person is tempted to drink just before work time, before driving to some place or drinking against doctor’s advice, then there is problem drinking.
  6. Ignoring Responsibilities – If problems arise at work, school or home due to drinking, then it certainly means that the person has crossed the line and it is becoming a serious issue.
  7. Troubled Relationships – If friends, near and dear ones are having problems because of a person’s drinking problem, then it means that drinking is going into addiction stage.
  8. Tolerance – It is an important sign as it allows the person to drink more than he used to, without any indications. This means that the body has been exposed to alcohol and has adapted to it.
  9. Withdrawal – Withdrawal is the reaction that the body gives due to lack of alcohol. The person will feel irritated, tired, depressed and a lot other symptoms if he didn’t have a drink.
  10. Unable to Quit Drinking – Even if the person tries to quit drinking, he or she might find it unsuccessful and might need additional help to do so.

Experiencing one or few of these signs does not mean that a person has become alcoholic but it certainly means that it is time to stop drinking.…