Ultimate Fighting Championship is one of the most watched and followed championships in the world. UFC is a company that promotes Mixed Martial Arts. The fighters are the best and the fittest and they have a huge following worldwide.

MMA is one of the fastest growing sport today. It is a full combat sport that allows full body contact. It involves and promoted all disciplines like jujitsu, boxing, wrestling, karate, judo and so on. With so many disciplines involved, training regiments vary according to the disciplines they belong to. While endurance, strength and quick reflexes are a must, what is critical is an ability to be able to have short and repetitive bursts of intense and explosive energy. So, what are some of the things you can do to emulate the same kind of workouts:

  1. Building stamina through intense strength building workout sessions. A session consists of 5 different sets, each set working for a muscle group.
  2. You must follow a strict strength training regimen. It can be accomplished by performing six different exercises on the same muscle group. Repetitions of the exercises in sets until you have covered all muscle groups.
  3. You should spar on a regular basis. This is to develop your strength, stamina and to replicate cage-fight like conditions. Sparring should be done carefully to build strength in areas you lack while at the same time you protect yourself from injuries. It is necessary to fuel your body with healthy food and to focus on staying hydrated.
  4. A big part of training involves throws, punches, lifting and punching. All of them test your strength immensely. One way to work on it to use a weighted vest to build a lean but strong body. Adding such a vest will help you to train by pushing your body to the limits. Such a weighted vest used by many UFC fighters to improve and progress with every workout.