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How to Avoid a Drug Test and Stay Healthy

The intake of drugs has become very common these days. Drugs need not be necessarily the ones that are legally banned for their harmful and staunch effects but there are also some mild yet effective drugs that are taken by people to relieve their stress and tension of their daily routine; a respite. Though we label them as harmless, they still come under the drug tag. So it is very important for people under such drugs every now and then to stay safe from the drug tests and also try and find ways that would help them in getting out of these tests without troubles.

Generally, tests are conducted on the urine and hair samples for these have the effects of these drugs glaringly seen and it is this that would clearly notify a person to have been under drugs for a particular period of time. So, it is these two tests that are generally conducted at the initial stages which would evidently give results; either positive or negative. So for a person to escape and come out of these tests, it is very important that they follow few things that would hide the evidence of drug presence in their urine and hair follicles.

  • To pass the urine test you can try flushing out all the drug toxins in your body via urine by taking in large quantities of water or detox drinks that taste great. This would also dilute the effects of toxins in the body. Another effective way of escaping the urine test is by taking bentonite clay that binds the drugs in the body and escorts it out from the body.
  • You can pass the hair follicle test by again taking in lots of water and also by washing and cleaning your hair with a powerful shampoo that would help in removing all the drug`s evidence from the hair tips.


Having a healthy and balanced diet will provide you all the necessary nutrients vitamins and minerals, however, taking dietary supplements along with this healthy diet will be very beneficial for everyone. It will ensure to give you all the nutrients your body requires each day. Read this review for more details. The weight loss supplements which have not been approved by Food and Drug Administration have been advertised as a solution or preventive measures for a lot of disorders as well as supplements and nutrients which are less in your diet. To be on a safer side make sure to consult your physician before you take any diet pills to avoid side effects.

Having Proper Metabolism: After each meal, the human digestive system breaks down the carbohydrates, proteins and fats from the food you intake. The other nutrients are also absorbed by our body from the meal. Absorption of nutrients depends on the number of vitamins which you need to consume every day. Support your diet with B vitamins which will help avoid numerous effects on vitamin deficiency.

Enhances Tissue Maintenance and Repairs: Tissue maintenance and repair; can also be enhanced with consumption of dietary supplements. Activities that you do everyday strain your tissues and there are some cells inside your body that continuously produce proteins that make new tissues to replace the old damaged one. This will avoid diseases like osteoporosis that is caused by defects in repairing tissue. Calcium and vitamin D loaded dietary supplements will help promote bone tissue growth and bone strength as well.

Prevention of Diseases: There are certain dietary supplements by consuming which will help prevent cancer. There are some essential vitamins like vitamin A, C, and E which act as antioxidants in our body. These vitamins work together to neutralize chemicals called free radicals because of oxidative damage within your cell. This oxidative damage to your cell issues cancer development which was explained by National Institute.…


We all are humans, and humans are obsessed with size. So when it comes to the size of the penis almost every second male is unhappy with the size of their penis and would love it if the penis were enhanced. Until some time back, having an enhanced penis seemed like a dream as surgery was the only plausible option.

Thankfully now with the advancement in the health industry, one can actually enhance the length of their penis without any surgery in the easiest and safest way possible. But as it is with most health-related features, one needs to take proper care and follow the prescribed steps. Though various penis extenders have slightly different ways to use, they are broadly similar.  Here is how I use my extender effectively:

-Prepare: Before using it is best to wrap the frenulum with either a gauze or wrap it in cloth to prevent any kind of injury to it. This is because the frenulum is sensitive and may get injured when it is rubbed on the extender cradle.

Attachment: the next step is where you attaché one side of the extender to the cradle. This is to ensure it does not shift when then penis is applied to it. Make sure you leave the side of your dominant hand open so that it is easy to attach the penis to it.

Using the penis extender: Hold the penis below the glans with your other hand, and pull it towards the cradle of the extender. Now slide the strap up once the penis is in a comfortable position.

Secure the straps: Once the penis is fit and comfortable, secure both the sizes of the strap taking care that there are enough stretching and tension.

Retighten: It is better to retighten the straps on both sides for a better and tight fit. Take care not to pull the strap so that the skin gets pulled.

Use heat: Once you have secured a comfortable stretch, you can optionally use heat to improve increased blood flow for better action.

You can do activities that are comfortable and not very strenuous. The excess action might loosen the grip of the extender.…

Health Benefits To Expect From Testosterone Boosters

There is a negative controversy surrounding these boosters:

As soon as I evinced a little interest in trying out testosterone boosters in order to be able to add on my vitality and increase my libido, I found too many people ready with giving me advice that it is not the right thing to do. According to them, these testosterone boosters are the actual culprit of people eventually losing out their libido in the first place.

No empirical proof whatsoever:

When I tried to confront these people and asked if they could prove what they were saying, they had statistical data so vague that it can mean a lot of other things. These people had never heard or seen any person who had used such testosterone boosters. Whatever they did claim to know about them was from a third person and mostly read on the various internet sites,

Why should the negativity advertising bother me?

The negativity is bothersome to me because in a bid to make them unpopular and instill doubts in the minds of people what they are actually doing is that they are preventing the people to use it and benefit from it.

The benefits that accrued to me because of these supplements:
I started consuming these over the counter supplements about a year ago. I did give myself a break for two months just to find out if the improvement in my overall health was attributable to the supplements or it was a mere coincidence.

During the two months that I avoided the supplements, I found my body not able to strength train too hard. Also, my immunity was suffering because in a couple of weeks I caught a bad cold and ran a bout of fever as well.

I also realized that I had reached a plateau in my weight loss. I lost weight effectively with testosterone boosters and the loss of weight as well as inches was phenomenal. I realized that my body was able to convert all the fat cells into lean muscles and I was getting a sculpted look. Also, the six packs were beginning to form. But once I gave a break, I felt all the muscles disintegrating and forming a paunch near the abdomen.…