There is a negative controversy surrounding these boosters:

As soon as I evinced a little interest in trying out testosterone boosters in order to be able to add on my vitality and increase my libido, I found too many people ready with giving me advice that it is not the right thing to do. According to them, these testosterone boosters are the actual culprit of people eventually losing out their libido in the first place.

No empirical proof whatsoever:

When I tried to confront these people and asked if they could prove what they were saying, they had statistical data so vague that it can mean a lot of other things. These people had never heard or seen any person who had used such testosterone boosters. Whatever they did claim to know about them was from a third person and mostly read on the various internet sites,

Why should the negativity advertising bother me?

The negativity is bothersome to me because in a bid to make them unpopular and instill doubts in the minds of people what they are actually doing is that they are preventing the people to use it and benefit from it.

The benefits that accrued to me because of these supplements:
I started consuming these over the counter supplements about a year ago. I did give myself a break for two months just to find out if the improvement in my overall health was attributable to the supplements or it was a mere coincidence.

During the two months that I avoided the supplements, I found my body not able to strength train too hard. Also, my immunity was suffering because in a couple of weeks I caught a bad cold and ran a bout of fever as well.

I also realized that I had reached a plateau in my weight loss. I lost weight effectively with testosterone boosters and the loss of weight as well as inches was phenomenal. I realized that my body was able to convert all the fat cells into lean muscles and I was getting a sculpted look. Also, the six packs were beginning to form. But once I gave a break, I felt all the muscles disintegrating and forming a paunch near the abdomen.