The intake of drugs has become very common these days. Drugs need not be necessarily the ones that are legally banned for their harmful and staunch effects but there are also some mild yet effective drugs that are taken by people to relieve their stress and tension of their daily routine; a respite. Though we label them as harmless, they still come under the drug tag. So it is very important for people under such drugs every now and then to stay safe from the drug tests and also try and find ways that would help them in getting out of these tests without troubles.

Generally, tests are conducted on the urine and hair samples for these have the effects of these drugs glaringly seen and it is this that would clearly notify a person to have been under drugs for a particular period of time. So, it is these two tests that are generally conducted at the initial stages which would evidently give results; either positive or negative. So for a person to escape and come out of these tests, it is very important that they follow few things that would hide the evidence of drug presence in their urine and hair follicles.

  • To pass the urine test you can try flushing out all the drug toxins in your body via urine by taking in large quantities of water or detox drinks that taste great. This would also dilute the effects of toxins in the body. Another effective way of escaping the urine test is by taking bentonite clay that binds the drugs in the body and escorts it out from the body.
  • You can pass the hair follicle test by again taking in lots of water and also by washing and cleaning your hair with a powerful shampoo that would help in removing all the drug`s evidence from the hair tips.