When writing an excuse absent letter for school you will have to keep it short and possibly give an honest reason for your leave of absence. Writing a lengthy letter will annoy your teacher and not sound appealing. Your tone should be polite throughout the letter and should not sound demanding. You can read this post which explains about giving an excuse absent letter in your school. Often a medical emergency is cited as an excuse by most of the students.

A sample excuse letter for school

Dear Susanne,

My Son, Adam, studying in your class was absent on Monday and Tuesday as he was suffering from flu. Now, the fever has come down after consulting the doctor and having medicines. I do not want him to miss his classes and fall back in studies. Please help him with all the missed assignments so that I will ensure that he goes through them all after returning home today. I am enclosing the doctor’s note for your reference.


Rita John

The above is just a sample letter and the reasons for leave of absence may vary. Ensure that you mention all the reason for absence clearly in the letter so that it does not arouse any suspicion. You must include the date and ensure that the letter is signed before submission. It is good if you add a few lines requesting the teacher to help with the missing assignments. This will ensure that your child does not miss the assignments and also indicate the teacher that you are serious about your child’s education. Enclosing a doctor’s note ensures that your excuse is genuine. The letter is also accepted by the teacher without any questions asked. Likewise, if you have been on leave for attending a funeral you can enclose a funeral pamphlet as proof.