Your dating profile is in a way your introduction:

If someone were to ask you to describe yourself in person, what would you do? Wouldn’t you use words that describe you the best, probably say what you like in food, dressing, beverage etc? You could even say what your pastime activities, serious hobbies, and other interests are. Maybe some famous author whom you dote or a favorite place you have been to or would love to be to?

Writing a profile on the dating site is similar. Only thing is that it is addressed to a lot of people and you probably have no idea who is reading it.

How am I experienced?

A decade of work at a matrimony site called زواج مسيار loading and uploading profiles for people and freelance writer by trade gives me quite an edge to give you these five tips that you need to follow to make sure that your profile stays on the top of the stack always.

Tip #1:

Be honest:

It is important that you tell the people who are honestly albeit more creatively. If you are not creative in writing, you could borrow a phrase or a quote that perfectly or early perfect describes you. You could even say that you would be waiting to know what the reader of the profile thinks about you.

Tip #2

Say what you like and why you like:

Don’t just stop with what you like but try giving reasons as to why it is always on your list of favorites. For example, if you are a fitness freak then why you are one and what do you do to stay healthy and in shape.

Tip #3:

Leave a question:

You could end your profile with a question so that the person who is reading it would know how to begin a conversation with you. This bypasses the mundane hello how are you type of opening!

Tip #4:

Tell them what you are and what you expect:

Make sure to list out a fair bit of things that you are and you do and also a little on how you want your partner to be. It goes a long way, believe me!

Tip #5:

Drop in the hint that you would be waiting for a response:

Let your closing line talk about responding to your profile. Don’t snub by saying only serious people need to apply etc.