We all are humans, and humans are obsessed with size. So when it comes to the size of the penis almost every second male is unhappy with the size of their penis and would love it if the penis were enhanced. Until some time back, having an enhanced penis seemed like a dream as surgery was the only plausible option.

Thankfully now with the advancement in the health industry, one can actually enhance the length of their penis without any surgery in the easiest and safest way possible. But as it is with most health-related features, one needs to take proper care and follow the prescribed steps. Though various penis extenders have slightly different ways to use, they are broadly similar.  Here is how I use my extender effectively:

-Prepare: Before using it is best to wrap the frenulum with either a gauze or wrap it in cloth to prevent any kind of injury to it. This is because the frenulum is sensitive and may get injured when it is rubbed on the extender cradle.

Attachment: the next step is where you attaché one side of the extender to the cradle. This is to ensure it does not shift when then penis is applied to it. Make sure you leave the side of your dominant hand open so that it is easy to attach the penis to it.

Using the penis extender: Hold the penis below the glans with your other hand, and pull it towards the cradle of the extender. Now slide the strap up once the penis is in a comfortable position.

Secure the straps: Once the penis is fit and comfortable, secure both the sizes of the strap taking care that there are enough stretching and tension.

Retighten: It is better to retighten the straps on both sides for a better and tight fit. Take care not to pull the strap so that the skin gets pulled.

Use heat: Once you have secured a comfortable stretch, you can optionally use heat to improve increased blood flow for better action.

You can do activities that are comfortable and not very strenuous. The excess action might loosen the grip of the extender.